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A full day retreat at Kumbucha Sanctuary on Brisbane's north side, we had a full day of yoga, laughter and drumming. Since this clip was shot we have changed the business name from Wise Move Yoga and Massage to Wise Move Wellness, we are now incorporating many more wellness modalities and special guest facilitators.

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Fiji Retreat 2015

Re energise, reconnect and rebalance 

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  • Art Therapy - Private sessions or Group work (Psychotherapy based, NDIS approved service)

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Tailored to suit you, your family, conference or event theme 

Everyone is welcome 

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Trikonasana - Triangle Pose

Yoga in nature or studio room?

You decide how you want your workshop

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De- Stress at work

Corporate Yoga, Relaxation & Meditation

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Fiji 2015 - omg - the delicious food & new friends